Bear Bites: Annabelita’s Taco Truck

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Every day, a little truck with “Annabelita’s” painted in purple along the side travels from location to location across Menlo Park, Atherton, and Redwood City. In the mornings, they go to different construction sites, and in the afternoon, are always parked in front of 1779 Woodside Road.

Dora Alvarez and her daughter, Annabel, opened Annabelita’s 17 years ago. Annabel said, “I am the only daughter, so, when my mom opened the truck, she named it after me.”

In front of the truck, customers lined up, standing under the small canopy to shout their orders up to the owners and pick out ice-cold drinks. The food, made from fresh ingredients daily, is prepared in a matter of minutes and quickly handed over to the customers with a big smile.

Chicken Tacos (10/10)

The chicken tacos served by the truck were perfect, featuring fresh chicken enhanced by various spices and herbs—including onions, lemon, and cilantro—and cupped in a warm, tender tortilla. They were  doused in a medium-spice salsa that is just right—potent enough to compliment the flavor while not overwhelming to those with low spice tolerances, as long as they are armed with a glass of water. Priced at $2 per taco, they are a must-order.

Carne Asada Tacos (8/10)

The carne asada tacos are filled with a generous supply of meat and topped off with onions, lemon, and cilantro, all encapsulated in a warm tortilla. The warm, slightly spicy fillings combined with the crunchy herbs provide the perfect combination of saltiness and refreshment. 

Bean and Cheese Burrito (7/10)

The hearty burritos are practically bursting with beans and cheese. The whole beans provide a crumbly texture, covered in the melted cheese stringing between the tortillas. Filling, warm, and delicious, these burritos are just right for burrito lovers looking for a full stomach. 

Pupusa (10/10)

With the name of the dish painted across the hood of the truck, the pupusas are rightfully the most popular dishes from Annabelita’s. They’re a traditional dish from Honduras and El Salvador, composed of a thick flatbread made from flour and stuffed with various warm fillings. The dough is coated in butter and spotted in lightly charred, crunchy flakes of dough. Bits of small cheese are immersed throughout, creating a rich, scrumptious taste. The pupusas come with a bag of fresh, crunchy herbs and veggies you can wrap in the flatbread, which creates the perfect contrast of refreshing crunchiness, and rich, warm, dough.

If you’re in the mood for delicious, well-priced food, Annabelita’s is the perfect place to stop by.

Becca is a sophomore at M-A in her first year of journalism. She enjoys writing about events impacting the M-A community and hopes to write more pop-culture based articles and opinion pieces. In her free time, she enjoys baking and spending time with friends.

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