Bears Rush to Sign Up for Clubs Second Semester

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On Wednesday, March 13, students enjoyed their second Club Rush of the school year. 

On the Green, clubs like the Reusables Club, Black Student Union (BSU), and Key Club came together to recruit new members. Featuring massive colorful recruitment boards and bowls of candy, these clubs had many students lining up and registering to join. Here’s a list of 15 of M-A’s diverse clubs and some messages from their club members!

President and junior Matilda Kratz said, “Ceramics Club gives students an opportunity to be creative without having to commit to a class. The activity teaches you to not be overly committed to your projects, which is both calming and peaceful to anyone who tries it.”

President and senior Abby Ko said, “The Film Club creates bridges to diverse communities, and a lot of different people come to this club to enjoy movies and have a fun time.”

Drama Club Vice President and junior Teagan Murphy, who has a passion for theatrics, said, “We are very focused on providing a supportive and friendly environment for anyone who is interested in drama, regardless of experience level.” 

Female Athlete Association (FAA) President and sophomore Kylie Cox is a passionate athlete who said, “We spread the importance of being an athlete, and encourage female athletes who have been undermined in the past.”

Member Deshawo Crawford said, “BSU helps students of color come together. Having been at M-A since 1976, we always advocated for Black student rights while providing them a space to be comfortable and safe.”

Reusables Club member Angeleah Fayette said, “This club helps nurture and create bonds with members with similar passions of protecting the environment. Our events are designed to make a sustainable impact on our community through changing foodware policies in San Mateo County. I hope more students who enjoy festivals like Earth Day and are passionate about protecting our marine life will be inspired to join.”

Curieus President and junior Kasra Motamedi said, “Our club bridges the STEM gap in the community. We do events that target helping underprivileged students get experience by conducting fun and easy science experiments.”

Vice President and junior Abbie MacLeod said, “Build On is designed to break cycles of poverty, illiteracy, and gender inequality amongst students by designing and implementing equal access to education.”  

Co-presidents junior Paulina Cisneros and senior Abigail Rojas have dedicated their club to providing supplies to kids at the Mexico border. Rojas said, “Care Bears is a service club that is dedicated to supplying items like backpacks, socks, and other school supplies that can help support the education of underprivileged groups of students.”

President and junior Emiko Edmunds said, “Although the Service Learning Center is not a registered club at M-A, we wanted our opportunities and efforts to still be showcased during Club Rush. The Service Learning Center is famous for our annual service trips to Costa Rica, but we also provide a lot more accessible service opportunities!” 

President and sophomore Juliana Kha said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and I saw that there wasn’t any sort of club like this at M-A, so I wanted to give my passion of medicine and healthcare a chance to reach other students at M-A.”

Member and junior Aarna Singla said, “Key Club has been an international student-led club for decades now with many of the club branches being hundreds of miles away from California. I think that the events Key Club has to offer are super diverse, as one day you could be packaging food for war refugees and the next day be selling Halloween candy-grams on campus in support of amazing non-profits.” 

Member and junior Ariel Chien said, “At the Asian Culture Club, we celebrate a variety of Asian cultures and love to help out at events such as Chinese Lunar New Year at M-A. You do not need to be Asian to join the club, so I encourage anyone interested to join to learn about different types of Asian celebrations.” 

Middle Eastern Group of Students (MEGOS) Media director and junior Daniel Farrell said, “The MEGOS club has been a very fun and collective experience for me and my friends.” President and senior Grace Hanna said, “The club is meant to educate people about the current events in the Middle East, all while sharing delicious food and fun games. We also do fundraisers which proceeds go to sponsor medical supplies to needed patients in the Middle East.”

Active Minds Club President and junior Dominic Auer said, “Our club does a lot of community service projects while simultaneously working on improving and spreading awareness on mental health through partnering up with M-A’s Peace and Wellness Space (PAWS).” 

Find a full list of the clubs at M-A: Club List 23-24

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