BREAKING NEWS: Tree Falls, Blocking Main Exit

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Around 4:45 p.m. this afternoon an oak tree in the main parking lot on campus fell, blocking the Ringwood Avenue exit.

Students still on campus witnessed the fall, reporting the sound of a crash and a large plume of dust. No cars were hit and nobody was injured. Kate Perri, a sophomore on the tennis team saw the crash from over the tennis court fence. She said, “I’m just glad this didn’t happen during a time of heavy traffic, it could have killed someone.” Isabelle Sapountzis, another sophomore on the tennis team, reported that it “sounded like fireworks.” Another noted it sounded like a bomb. A campus aid on the scene declined to comment, but mentioned that it is unknown how long it will take to clean up the tree.

Check back for updates on the clean-up process as we get more information.

Sarah Orttung is a senior in her third year on the staff. She likes to write features and opinions to bring attention to issues that may otherwise be overlooked. She hopes that the Chronicle can be a force for social change, and is excited to help others on their staff use their voices in an influential way.

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