“Deflategate” Drama Unmerited

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Deflategate, the controversy between the NFL and the New England Patriots about deflated footballs, was clearly a personal vendetta against the Patriots by the commissioner Roger Goodell.

There are four facts that will help you understand this situation. First, the Patriots are always trying to find an advantage over other organizations in the NFL. This is why the NFL really dug deep in trying to find everything possible about the deflated footballs to downgrade the Patriots.

Second, owners of other teams in the NFL are jealous of the Patriots’ success, so whenever some idea becomes public that the Patriots had an unfair advantage, the owners push the commissioner to lay down a harsh punishment to stop their winning ways.

Third, the NFL has a range of inflation levels for regulation footballs and the air temperature can affect the pressure level. After the first half of the AFC championship game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts there was suspicion that the Patriots’ footballs were slightly under the range, so the officials changed them to the Colts’ footballs in the second half. Even when the footballs were changed to those belonging to the Colts, the Patriots dominated even more and won the game easily.

Finally, the fact that the NFL imposed a suspension of four games on Tom Brady, fined the Patriots 1 million dollars and diminished the team’s draft picks is unfair and outrageous. There was no proof that Tom Brady had been directly involved with the deflation of footballs. The NFL lacked the evidence to support their claim against the Patriots.

There have been lesser punishments for domestic violence and performing-enhancing drugs. The judge’s decision to drop the NFL’s four game suspension against Tom Brady was the correct ruling. What do you think?

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