Diamond and King Event Gives Students Free Prom Attire

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On Thursday, April 4th, former M-A alumni and current staff member Adrian Sledge hosted her annual Diamond and King Event at the PAC to provide free formal wear for this year’s prom on April 26th. 

The event was initially inspired by Sledge to serve low-income students on campus. Sledge said, “I hope that the Diamond and King Event gives every student the opportunity to feel like royalty on their prom night.”

Event organizer and staff member, Adrian Sledge
Setup for the Diamond and King Event

Hundreds of items including dresses, suits, shoes, and ties were donated from local communities and closing businesses. The leftover formal wear that wasn’t taken by M-A students was donated to other schools within the district.

Prior to establishing the Diamond and King Event and working at M-A’s guidance office, Sledge worked as a cosmetologist and used her proficiency in hair and makeup to provide free hair-dos and makeovers to students. Sledge said, “My goal with every client was to have them leave my chair better than how they felt when they came in.”

Senior Zyana Houser said, “I never owned a suit before and got my first one at the Diamond and King Event. All the staff and volunteers were super diligent and respectful in making sure that every student left with something they liked.”

Similarly to Houser, senior Ismael Zarate said, “When I walked into the PAC, I was met with an incredibly cute setup which included music, sparkling cider, and roses in flower vases which reminded me of a local clothing shop. I ended up leaving with a teal bracelet which was definitely a great find.” 

The event turned the PAC from a space filled with flowers, fuzzy chairs, and clothing racks with some vintage accessories and shoes from high-end brands such as Miu Miu and Dior.  

Senior Epiphany Bass said, “The room and experience made me feel really special and important. The waiting room had many snacks and the selection of clothes to choose from was never ending. I had fun trying on dresses and my friends accompanying me made my time there feel like a shopping spree.”

The event ended with a huge success, with many students leaving with their first set of suits and formal attire without the heavy cost. 

Sledge said, “Events like this are important because it makes us all step up and find a way to show up for our M-A community. This event would not have happened without the support and passion from our community. It’s what we do, it’s a bear thing.”

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