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Girls Soccer Makes M-A History in CCS Semi Finals

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The Lady Bears matched up with Saint Ignatius High School on Wednesday, March 3 in Division One Central Coast Section (CCS) semi-finals. The Bears defeated the Wildcats 3-2 and will continue on to CCS finals for the first time in M-A history.

Saint Ignatius took an early lead, scoring in the first period. The Bears answered during the second half with a penalty kick from senior Sarah McLeod.

The Wildcats scored another goal off a corner kick halfway through the second half. With seconds remaining in play, sophomore Mara Cavallaro passed the ball to junior Katie Guenin who scored a high corner goal.

The teams continued into double overtime, with junior Nicole Salz’s goal attempt called back by the referees late during the second overtime period. With both teams tied 2-2, the Bears continued to penalty kicks.

The Bears ultimately defeated the Wildcats, scoring 3 PKs by Mcleod, junior Margaret Child, and junior Alissa McNerney.

Be sure to support M-A girls soccer as they travel to CCS Finals versus Branham High School on Saturday at 5:30 p.m. at Vally Christian High School.

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