If you are going to walk out, know your rights

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With a walkout planned on Wednesday, it is important for students to know their rights. The M-A Chronicle cannot endorse walkouts, but here is some information for students who choose to walk out.

The American Civil Liberties Union stated that schools can discipline students for walking off of school campus. At M-A, if students choose to walk off campus for the walkout, administration will not stop students but will mark them absent.

The ACLU also said that students are “likely to be most protected if you organize, protest, and advocate for your views off campus and outside of school hours.”

Here is a schedule of the events taking place this week:

Monday: Letter writing campaign to businesses supporting the National Rifle Association, Parkland students, and members of Congress.

Tuesday: Peaceful demonstration on the football field.

Wednesday: Announcement on M-A Today at 10 a.m. during first period reading the names of victims, playing a video honoring them, and a moment of silence. Walkout in conjunction with Menlo School, Sacred Heart Preparatory, and possibly Sequoia High School and Gunn High School at around 10:15 a.m. The district will provide students and staff limited sanctioned time to participate in the walkout while remaining on campus.

M-A will not supervise the walkout if it moves off-campus. Atherton and Menlo Park Police departments are aware of the planned multi-school walkout.

Thursday: Voter registration/pre-registration in B-21 available for students 16 or older. Bring your driver license and last four digits of your Social Security number.

Friday: Altars for each Parkland student and teacher killed will be on the Green with flowers and notecards.

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This is Nathalie Camens' third year on staff. She enjoys writing feature articles and opinion pieces. Journalism is important to her because she sees it as a tool to create change and bring awareness about social justice issues.

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