Intercultural Leadership and LUMA Host Second Sabor Latino Event

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photos courtesy of Valeria Prado Hurtado

Last Friday, March 15, M-A hosted its second Sabor Latino event, a celebration of its diverse Latin American culture. The event included performances from several bands, including Los Hermanos De Oro, dances from M-A’s Baile Folklórico club and Baile Hispánico club, a delicious taco food truck, a DJ, piñatas, and more. 

LUMA students sell food at the event

Clubs such as Latinos Unidos de M-A (LUMA) and Intercambio attended the event. One member of LUMA, junior Leslie Mandujano, ran a stand that sold Torilocos, which usually consists of Tostitos or Doritos chips, topped with various sauces such as lime juice, hot sauce, and chamoy. She said, “Torilocos is a Hispanic snack usually sold by people going around in carts in Hispanic countries. It’s very good, and I recommend it.”

Senior Meena Alvi, a member of Intercambio, sold frutas picadas, which are cups of sliced fruit topped with a spicy sauce. When asked about what her favorite part of the event was, she said, “I love meeting new people and getting to experience first-hand different cultures. I definitely love to talk to others and help them practice either their English or their Spanish.”

Additionally, many of the attendees showed up to the dance representing their favorite Latin American countries, or the United States by dressing up in either their country’s colors or patterns. Intercultural leadership members freshman Eliza Crow and sophomore Hailey Pruess represented Puerto Rico and the U.S. 

Student-led singing and dance groups also made special appearances and performed a series of Latin American dances. First, three Intercultural Leadership students sang La Llorona, Mujeres Divinas, and Por Un Amor. Senior Abigail Garcia, who was one of the singers, explained how she loved representing her culture. She said, “Getting to show my culture and heritage through my voice every time I sing is something that I really love. It’s amazing seeing how this event grows each year, and being able to share my culture with others is something that I look forward to every time.” 

Student in M-A’s Baile Hispánico Club performs holding the flag of Honduras

Next, students from the Baile Folklórico club performed a series of dances to traditional folk songs. Following this performance, Los Hermanos de Oro performed several songs while attendees enjoyed their food from the taco truck.

Students in the Baile Folklórico club perform

After the last performance, attendees went out onto the floor to dance. The event’s DJ, also M-A custodian Juan Flores, showcased spectacular lights and created the life of the party for eventgoers. 

Los Hermanos De Oro perform to finish out the evening

Karina Flores, who leads the Intercultural Leadership class and helped organize the event, shared her thoughts on the event. “My absolute favorite part about this event is getting families to come together. I enjoy being able to share Latin American culture and see it being represented at M-A, and I hope we can continue to do this for many years to come.”

Micaela is a sophomore at M-A. This is her first year in journalism, and she is excited to write about different issues and events at M-A. In her free time, she likes to dance and spend time with friends and family.

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