Seniors Achieve Victory Over Teachers in Kickball Game

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The kickball game between the seniors and the teachers was pretty uneven on the scoreboard, but a competitive game nonetheless. The seniors got off to a great start in the top of the first inning and went up 5-0, led by Lucas Fioretti and Quinn Rowland. The teachers were up next but had no hits, ending the first inning. Through the next few innings the seniors had a few runs here and there, making their lead 9-0, while the teachers had yet to score. The score was 9-1 going into the bottom of the fifth inning, with the teachers due up. They scored two runs early in the inning but could not sustain their early success. Ultimately, the game ended with the score 11-3 in favor of the seniors.

Christian Fioretti stated his reason for participating in the game: “I’m a senior and want to have fun in my last few weeks at school.” Gabe Schacter-Brodie had an interesting take on why he participated in the game. “See the last four years, these teachers gave us so much homework,” he explained. “I played today because I wanted revenge on all the teachers for all the homework they gave us and the stress they put on us.” He believes the seniors succeeded because they beat the teachers by such a large margin.

Paul Snow, one of the members on the teachers team, participated because of his love for the game. “I decided to play because I love sports and it’s always fun to compete against students.” Snow also wants to continue these kinds of events in the future. “I hope we can start to do more of this kind of lunch time activity; maybe next year we can do soccer, volleyball, or basketball, too!” When asked if he enjoyed interacting with seniors for one of the last times, Snow said, “Yes, absolutely, though I wouldn’t have guessed we’d get clobbered by as much as we did. We had a lot of fun, though. I knew most of the seniors from my sports leadership class, and it was fun to have some friendly competition with them.” Tomiko Fronk, pre-calculus and computer science teacher, enjoyed the game as well. However, she stated, “We could use some work. I think we were all out of shape.”

Overall, even though the game was a little lopsided in favor of the seniors, the kickball game between the seniors and the teachers was a great experience for players and spectators. For the seniors, it was an awesome way to get a little revenge on their teachers. It also served as an opportunity for the teachers to connect with the seniors for one last time.

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