LUMA holds Dia de los Muertos celebration

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To celebrate Dia de los Muertos, Latinos Unidos of M-A (LUMA) set up a colorful alter on the green on Wednesday. LUMA is a club that embraces Hispanic and Latinx culture. Melody De La Quintana explained, “it’s a very important club because I get to embrace my culture rather than hide it. In my other schools, we didn’t do things like this so being a part of this is really great, to be able to spread our culture in a school full of diversity.”

Alondra Loza added, “Dia de los Muertos is a celebration that focuses on dead relatives and people that you look up to, so celebrities are up on this alter as well as friends and family. It’s basically just to appreciate and celebrate their life… Through Dia de los Muertos we respect our elders and those who have come before us and so we wanted to provide people that aren’t a part of our culture the opportunity to do so as well.”

Students celebrate the lives of loved ones.

“When you think about death it’s a sad thing, but with Dia de los Muertos you can celebrate it, be happy, move on and show the person respect. Life goes on but it’s a great thing to be able to remember them each year.” -De La Quintana

Students were able to write the names of deceased loved ones to participate.

LUMA club is held Wednesdays at lunch in room E-17.

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