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M-A Girls Win CCS Round One vs. Gunn High School, 3-0

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The M-A girls varsity soccer team did not allow a CCS bracket controversy to stop their momentum as they won their opening round match vs. Gunn High School this past Wednesday, 3-0.
The #1 seeded Bears dominated from the start, controlling the ball and using their strong defense, to keep Gunn at bay. The Bears struck early with senior Sarah McLeod’s first goal in the 23rd minute from a rebounded cross off the Gunn goalie.

The girls continued to possess, passing around the Gunn players and wearing them down. At halftime the score was 1-0.Girls Soccer 1

Ten minutes into the second half, sophomore Josephine Cotto crossed the ball into the box and a Gunn defender made a poor clearance that rebounded into their own goal, giving M-A a 2-0 lead.

Finally, sophomore Mara Cavallaro finished off the visitors, heading in a powerful goal off a well-placed corner to give M-A a 3-0 lead and a cap on a tremendous opening round performance.

With seven minutes left in the game, M-A goalie Breanna Sandoval made a fantastic save against a breakaway Gunn player to keep a clean sheet. The win moves the Bears into round two, this Saturday against Piedmont Hills.

Nathalie Camens: What did you think M-A did really well in this game?

Ali Sivilotti: I think every day we work better as a team because we have some great individual players but it took us a while to mesh together, so, and also we’re incorporating girls who have come up from JV now, so I think it’s been a great experience to have everyone working together.

NC: What are your predictions for CCS round two?

AS: Well it depends who we play. We’re either going to play Carlmont or Piedmont, but, we should have it. It’ll be fun.

NC: What did you think the Bears did really well this game?

Josephine Cotto: I think we had a really good possession, and we did really well at filtering the ball through the gaps to find the forwards.

NC: What are your predictions for round two CCS?

JC: I think if we continue to stay strong and just, you know, have good consistency throughout the back especially, then we’ll be able to take on any team.

Girls Soccer 2NC: What do you think that the Bears did really well this game?

Mara Cavallaro: I think we just were really focused mentally and we definitely supported each other on attacks, looking for passes all the time and just trying to get the win.

NC: What are your predictions for round two of CCS?

MC: My predictions are that we’ll come out and play hard, even harder than today, and hopefully get that win again.

This is Nathalie Camens' third year on staff. She enjoys writing feature articles and opinion pieces. Journalism is important to her because she sees it as a tool to create change and bring awareness about social justice issues.

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