M-A Students Share Songs with Personal Meaning

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We all have a couple of special songs tucked away in our hearts, those that remind us of a vivid memory or contain particularly resonant lyrics. They teleport us across the planet as we slouch over midnight homework, or urge us to miss someone we haven’t thought of in years as we drive home from school. Some carry messages that have served as overarching anthems throughout our lives. Others are meaningful simply because a mere pop artist obsession has evolved into a time capsule preserving our fourteen-year-old selves. Below, M-A students share songs that carry a special meaning in their own lives. 


My name is Martha McGee. I am a senior and new to the M-A Chronicle. I enjoy reading and sharing opinions as well as getting to know different members of our community better. In my free time, I enjoy spending time in the outdoors with my family and friends. I am also passionate about music, and play violin for the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

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