Revolutionizing Education: Curriculum Developer Nicholas J. Martino

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Founded in 2010, Think Global School is the world’s first nomadic high school. A three-year program, the high school consists of around 45 international students and 12 teachers/staff. Each year the students and staff will travel together to four different countries.

This next year the school will be experiencing a lot of changes as it transitions from leaving the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program in order to apply its own Change Maker Curriculum. Nicholas Martino, anthropology teacher and now curriculum developer, joined the school in 2012 when it had just adopted the IB Program.

As a curriculum developer of the Change Maker Curriculum, Martino has been traveling all around the world with his team, working to develop this new and innovative curriculum. Click on the video below to listen to Martino discuss the goals of creating this progressive curriculum for not only the school but education as a whole.

Just last month, after a term in Peru, the school visited San Francisco for a few weeks. During their visit, the students were able to experience four iterations of project-based learning. One group worked with two experts on developing San Francisco-based apps that would help tourists navigate the city better. Another group worked with Cirque du Soleil where students learned about the physical fitness involved in being a Cirque du Soleil performer as well as the aspects that engage street audiences. Another project was on the history of San Francisco’s involvement in LGBT rights and awareness. The fourth project was about conscious designs in architecture and how communities utilize public spaces.

Erica Miner is a senior, this will be her second year on staff and first year as the media specialist. She enjoys photography and film and focuses on multimedia production. For her last year of high school, she hopes to contribute unique and meaningful content.

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