Three Spotify Playlists to Study To

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With finals on the way and APs in full swing, students are facing mounds of homework and late-night cram sessions. To make it all a little more bearable, the right playlist can help. Here are three Spotify playlists of the best genres to get you in the zone with 25 songs each. Once the playlist ends, you should probably take a break from studying.

Recently, house music has been rising in the charts. I’ve found it is great music to study for the humanities especially because of its good beats and repetitive lyrics.

Chill, guitar-oriented music gets me in a studying mood instantly. This playlist has a wide range of indie from pop to rock influences.

Alternative pop is my favorite genre for studying math because its lyrics and melodies are just the right amount of distracting.

Ultimately, the best study music for you might be songs you know and love or new music and genres. So, I wouldn’t be offended if you joined millions of others to watch Lofi Girl’s livestream. Some people even work better with background sound, like white noise. Finding which genres worked best for different subjects was my key to success this testing season.

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