Voices of M-A: Olliver Pelayo’s Transgender Identity Sparks Passion for Social Justice

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Continuing our series of celebrating the voices in our community, Olliver Pelayo who The MARK first introduced us to in “Trans Truth” sat back down with us to share a remarkable journey of discovering his identity and transitioning with the people in his life.

My name is Elizabeth McColloch and this is my third year writing for the newspaper. Last year, I enjoyed writing features and news stories because they gave me a chance to develop new relationships. While writing my pieces, I sought to share stories with our readers in a compelling way. Outside of school, I like to play sports, spend time with my friends, and attend the youth group at my church. I also love to tutor and mentor children. I am passionate about M-A and look forward to being a voice for the student body, as well as a source of community and international news.

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