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Winter Formal: Midnight in Morocco

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This year’s winter formal had a surprising and unexpected turnout with 450 in attendance. Over the past five years, winter formal attendance dwindled, and it was only two years ago that leadership revived the annual event. Saturday’s winter formal marked another year of growth, following leadership’s ticket profits last year.

While only 40 tickets total were sold in the weeks leading up to the dance, students bought 200 tickets in the immediate days before Saturday. Another 200 tickets were sold at the door, an unusual amount, especially after the intense varsity basketball game earlier that night.

The dance started at 8:00 p.m., but students were allowed to enter until 9:00 p.m. so those at the Sacred Heart Prep game would have enough time to arrive. The dance was hosted at the Mitchell Park Community Center in Palo Alto.

Junior Kara Mullarkey led the leadership committee in determining the theme of the dance. Students reported that ‘Midnight in Morocco’ was a hit especially with the fortune teller, photo booth, and Moroccan-themed music. Sophomore Grace Geiser shared, “This dance was my favorite by far, [the] best theme ever!”

Aside from the beginning of the night, when the smoke machine caused the fire alarm to go off, the dance was a constant party with at least 70-80 people on the dance floor at all times. Student DJs, including seniors Paloma Parsons and Saghi Bonakdar, chose the music throughout the night. Their selections were popular, upbeat tunes that kept the crowd excited and alive, while still featuring some slow songs for couples. The unique theme provided entertaining activities to do, such as visiting a fortune teller, beyond just talking and dancing.

My name is Kaley and I'm a sophomore. I love to write and I'm excited to apart of the M-A Chronicle. Aside from that, I am a member of the dance team. I can't wait to be a part of journalism and to write exciting stories.

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