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2015 Distribution Day

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2015 Distribution Day

Andrew Tan and Jake Foster
Leadership students and members of the community prepare to package and distribute food.

Students of all grades organize fresh produce and prepare bags to deliver to East Palo Alto community members.

Rows of bags are lined up in the distribution area

Different food groups are placed into the bags as they are passed down.

“It is so amazing that even though we may not have the best school spirit, we are able to help a lot of families and all help out”- Carolyn Murphy (11)

Asked about how we can continue to improve the canned food drive, Strength Filii (10) responded, “Hit a bigger goal: 250,000 lbs!”

“You get a good feeling giving back when you see the time and effort put to help families have food over the holidays.” – Tarek Nasr (10)

Hundreds of families line up awaiting food since 7:00 in the morning.

Roughly 1,200 families received food.

Students carrying food, called “runners” aid families in bringing bags of food to their cars.

“I enjoy giving back to the community… My favorite part was when Yolanda [a food recipient] gave me a hug because she was so thankful.” – Elliot Macdonald (10).

Over 100,000 pounds of food were collected, surpassing this year’s goal.

Andrew Tan is a senior and third-year writer for the M-A Chronicle who enjoys writing features, particularly about sports. His favorite sports to write about are football, baseball, and basketball. He is excited to work with the revamped Chronicle staff to develop and improve the paper.

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