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M-A’s Masquerade Prom: A Huge Success

M-A’s prom was held at San Francisco Design Center Galleria on Friday, April 29, from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. Prom was a huge success this year with over 750 students in attendance.

The theme of prom was "Masquerade."
The theme of prom was “Masquerade.”

While the main attraction of prom was the music and dancing, students also had the chance to take pictures with costumes in a photo booth, and eat a variety of different crepes. According to leadership teacher Mike Amoroso, rather than the beverage service they had last year, organizers provided 3,500 water bottles to students, who took over 3,000.

Lines of hungry students formed to eat crepes.
Lines of hungry students formed to eat crepes.

Amoroso also commented,“ From a general consensus, based on what I saw at prom, people seemed to enjoy it. There were very few people sitting down and no incidents of misbehavior.”

Senior Brandon Aguirre agreed, “everyone seemed like they were having a great time and the photo booths and food were cool as well. There was a long line for those though and I wish there was a bigger dance floor, but the place was cool too.”

Throughout the event, the dance floor was crowded with almost every student in attendance. The DJ played a wide variety of different songs such as current hits and some throwback songs. Many of the students who attended prom have said they enjoyed the music because it included songs everyone knew and could sing along to. According to an machronicle survey, Prom Confessions, there were mixed reviews about the music and the DJ’s performance. Junior Andy Zaldicar added, “Yeah I enjoyed most of the music. I would rate [the DJ] an 8/10.”

Tables were arranged around the venue to allow students to take a break from dancing.
Tables were arranged around the venue to allow students to take a break from dancing.

The layout of the Galleria offered students the opportunity to dance when they desired, but also take breaks and explore different areas. There were several tables, decorated with table cloths and flowers, lining the perimeter of the dance floor, providing students with the chance to rest throughout the night.

Robert Lane, a senior at M-A, commented, “I’d say that the Galleria was spectacular, and the throwback songs the DJ played were prime. The one part of the prom I didn’t like as much were the crepes; they were fab but super small.” Compared to last year’s prom he believed, “the venue was a lot better this year because the Galleria had elevators and so many levels.”

Tables were arranged around the venue to allow students to take a break from dancing.
A huge crowd danced all night.

Towards the end of the night, Amoroso announced the winners of prom queen and king. The juniors elected Angie Yang and Casey Morris as their royalty. The senior winners were Julia Moreton and Ben Stanley.

Reflecting on her overall experience, Junior Zaira Zepulveda explained, “I think for the money I payed it was fair because they had good food and the photo booth was awesome but they could still have had more food. The location itself was awesome. “

Rachel Gerber, a senior at M-A, concluded, “I had a lot of fun and I think this was a great dance to end my high school career with!”

Juniors Anika Kumar, Julia Chang, Naomi Lee and Aarthi Popat posed in front of a photo booth.
Juniors Anika Kumar, Julia Chang, Naomi Lee and Aarthi Popat posed in front of a photo booth.

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