An aM-Azing Senior Fashion Show

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The annual M-A fashion show is both a time-honored tradition and an integral fundraiser for the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Since January, hundreds of students and several parent volunteers have been rehearsing and preparing for this event. On Saturday, March 19, all of their hard work came to fruition in a truly “aM-Azing” performance. The seniors brought high energy and high fashion to the stage of the M-A Performing Arts Center (PAC) to celebrate their final year while supporting the vital programs that the PTA foundation funds.

The boys varsity basketball team competed in NorCal finals for basketball the same day, causing the players in the show to miss their moments in the spotlight. However, a short video of the team members strutting their stuff in uniform was shown just before the finale.


The four co-chairs, Leigh Anne Reichow, Taylor Perkins, Katie Parsons, and Heather Wall, began planning in September 2015. Two of the co-chair’s daughters, Ashley Wall and Sarah Reichow, appeared in the father-daughter segment, though none of the co-chairs themselves modeled.


In regards to her artistic vision for the show, Perkins stated, “We started talking about what fashion is to people in general, and we started thinking about this concept: what do you want to be when you wake up in the morning? All of us are uniquely different, but then we are still affected by what’s happening around us, and our families and cultures as well.” She noted that the segment groups were made intentionally to place students with classmates they may not have known very well in order to encourage class-wide bonding.


“I’ve been so amazed by their dedication,” Perkins said of the senior models. “Some stores were just amazed by how wonderful the kids were, how polite they were, how punctual, how much fun they were having.” Parsons added, “Watching how much fun the senior class is having at the ‘Model 101’ and dance classes, and how much they’ve come together as a group to celebrate their last year at M-A … has been really heartwarming…the class of 2016 is truly aM-Azing!”

Lauren Koenig models her outfit for the audience.
Lauren Koenig models her outfit for the audience.

Lauren Koenig, who modeled in the Johnny Was segment, reflected on her experience in the show. “Everyone works so hard to put together a great show that’s fun both onstage and backstage,” she said. “You wonder how over 150 teenagers and parents will pull off a cohesive show, but somehow it all works out and everyone has a great time.”

Seniors Anya and Vera Kulikov pose with their father.

Anya Kulikov, a model in the father-daughter Macy’s Formal segment, remarked that the show “was fun, especially the dance segments. Everyone got to have their moment in the show, and everyone had a good time.”

Congratulations to all of the models and parent volunteers who made this show a success!

Photos by Sophie Zalipsky & Karly Gorman.

I'm Sophie Zalipsky, and I'm a senior at M-A. This is my first year with the M-A Chronicle staff, and I'm looking forward to improving my writing abilities while informing and engaging the student body. In my free time, I work backstage for student theater groups and play guitar and piano.

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