Bear Bites: Andytown Is in Town

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Andytown’s food and drinks make it the perfect go-to destination before school.

On El Camino, in the newly established Springline development, resides the cozy yet classy coffee and breakfast shop of Andytown. Located less than a mile away from M-A, the cafe is a convenient stop to pick up a morning latte, sweet matcha, or breakfast sandwich before school. 

The aroma of freshly-brewed coffee and warm pastries greet customers as they enter the shop. With a welcoming interior full of warm lighting and study nooks, Andytown is the perfect local coffee shop for everyone. When I visited, the staff were friendly and thoughtful, suggesting personal coffee recommendations and excitedly offering a free pup cup to my golden retriever. 

A friend and I ordered the Original Bird Snowy Plover, a unique espresso cream soda topped with fresh cream. We also got a cappuccino, an iced latte, the original breakfast sandwich, and a cheese toasty.

Cappuccino – $5.25

9.5/10- The first sip was absolutely decadent. I am not exaggerating when I say that this drink exceeded my expectations for a plain cappuccino—the freshness of the coffee mixed with the perfect drizzle of steamed milk was unmatched. Overall, it was really satisfying to drink, even for someone who is a strict latte drinker. 

Snowy Plover Original Bird – $6.50

7.5/10- I admit that I did have my doubts about Andytown’s signature concoction, particularly due to the mix of seltzer water and coffee. To my surprise, the earthy taste and bubbly texture paired well together. The cream on top was essential to incorporate into every sip in order for me to properly enjoy this drink and was the key factor in making sure that the coffee, water, and milky cream flavors blended smoothly.

Iced Latte – $5.75

9/10- This has been my usual coffee order for a few months now. I especially enjoy how fresh the coffee tastes, the perfectly balanced ratio of espresso to milk, and how well it pairs with the original breakfast sandwich.

Original Breakfast Sandwich – $11.00

9/10- The perfect breakfast sandwich. A crispy homemade Pain de Mie with bacon, ham, a cage-free soft egg, and cheddar cheese, there isn’t much more to ask for when it comes to starting your day off right. In addition, the portion size was exactly ideal, leaving me perfectly full. The only complaint I have is the price; if it was a few dollars less I would regularly pick one up with my latte. 

Cheese Toasty – $6.50 (optional egg for $2.00)

8.5/10- Similar to the original breakfast sandwich but without the meat, the egg and cheesy goodness did not disappoint. I personally prefer the Original Breakfast Sandwich because the meat adds an extra layer of flavor, but this cheese toasty is still a solid choice for a lighter breakfast option or for any vegetarian. The soft egg adds creaminess to each bite. However, like the Original Breakfast Sandwich, the price is a bit steep for an everyday breakfast. 

Although Andytown is fairly new in Menlo Park, the company just celebrated its ten-year anniversary this month. It has been my go-to stop for a delicious and high-quality iced latte before first period, and I recommend making it your destination for a quick and satisfying pick-me-up before school.

Penelope is a sophomore at M-A, and this is her first year in journalism. She is interested in writing music reviews as well as incorporating unique student perspectives into her stories. In her free time, you can find her practicing tennis, watercolor painting, or knotting away at her growing collection of friendship bracelets.

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