AVID Students Visit Six Colleges on Field Trip

 This spring, the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program at M-A took 80 students along on a three day overnight trip to tour six in-state colleges. Visiting Sonoma State University, Sacramento State University, University of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, Mills College, and University of the Pacific, the students were able to attain a first hand experience with the college, along with getting the opportunity to visit some of the dorms, dining halls, and classes on campus.

Students visited six colleges in three days.

AVID Program Coordinator and 10th grade AVID teacher Erika Shepard says, “the purpose of the trip is to help expose the students to the different types of colleges to help them get a feel of what college they want to attend, and to be able to visualize themselves in the environments.We also like our students to bond and expand the friendships within the AVID family.”

Sophomore Tracy Ramirez describes how she would “definitely recommend the trip to their AVID students, it really gives you a sense of who you are and helps you discover what type of school you like so you don’t just apply blindly.”

Jade Alexander adds, “I really enjoyed the trip, I like how we visited a lot of colleges and the teachers still managed to make it fun. I learned that for me I want a college that is diverse and has a good feel or vibe to it. I would recommend the trip to other students because it really helps you decide what college you want to and don’t want to go to.”

Marlene Arroyo is a senior and is in her third year in journalism. She hopes to continue writing about social issues and culture in relation to M-A. In her free time, Marlene enjoys reading and spending time with friends, family, and cat.

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