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With summer break fast approaching, the temperature is rising along with cravings for a refreshing sweet treat. With all the different frozen yogurt stores in the area, it may be hard to pick the best one to go to. It’s difficult to mess up frozen yogurt, so in order to fairly compare local shops, I narrowed it down to only one flavor: the classic chocolate.

After visiting four of the most popular frozen yogurt shops in the area and trying their chocolate–with my choice of toppings––I gave each a rating based on the quality of the yogurt and the overall selections available.

Pinkberry – 10/10

Located in the Stanford Shopping Center, Pinkberry is a go-to stop for when you need a break from retail therapy. The store only offers a few flavors, including the fan-favorite original tart, pomegranate, and chocolate hazelnut. The array of toppings was also never-ending, containing different fruits, candies, drizzles, and more. I ordered a small chocolate hazelnut yogurt with strawberries, strawberry popping boba, mochi, and Nutella. Costing around $8, this yogurt was perfectly refreshing. The combination of the more bitter and creamy chocolate and hazelnut flavors blended well with the sweet toppings. The portion size was filling yet not too big. Out of all the local yogurt shops, Pinkberry consistently provides customers with delicious flavors and stellar customer service.

Wildberry – 8/10

Sharon Heights’ Wildberry Yogurt embodies the typical yogurt shop with its do-it-yourself style, offering many different flavors to choose from. Their topping selection was stellar and had almost everything you could imagine. They only offer one size, which I filled with chocolate yogurt, mochi, oreos, and a cherry. Wildberry charges off weight, and mine came out to $10, which seemed a bit pricey for the amount of yogurt in the cup. While it was very refreshing, the treat was lacking in terms of the expected chocolate flavor. However, the delicious toppings paired very well with the yogurt and made it an all-around great snack.

Pressed Juicery – 6/10

For those looking for a healthier alternative to frozen yogurt, Pressed Juicery is the place to be. Aside from their range of juices, Pressed offers their version of frozen yogurt called a Freeze. The Pressed Freeze only has four flavors: acaí, chocolate, vanilla, and their newest, sweet cream. They offer two sizes, and I went for the smallest size of chocolate. With each freeze, you’re allowed three toppings, and each after that results in an additional charge. I topped my $7 freeze with strawberries, chocolate chips, and their chocolate chip cookie crumble. It was extremely refreshing, and I was pleasantly surprised at the sweetness! Unfortunately, the chocolate flavor doesn’t compare to the traditional yogurt, but for the advertised health benefits, it is definitely worth it. Pressed is a great option for when you’re craving a refreshing treat that isn’t too unhealthy, even though there is a noticeable difference in taste between a Freeze and a typical yogurt.

Corner Yogurt – 10/10

You can find Corner Yogurt on, you guessed it, the corner of Woodside Road in Redwood City. It is completely self-serve and charged based on weight. The shop was practically overflowing with topping options with two different arrays filled to the brim with different candies and other treats. They had a selection of 10 delicious flavors, ranging from strawberry lemonade to cookies and cream. My chocolate yogurt was topped with mochi, strawberry boba, and cherries and it came out to a total of $9. I have no complaints about this yogurt: it was sweet, refreshing, and the perfect way to end my night!

Tessa is a junior at M-A and in her first year of journalism. She hopes to write about school events and athletics. When not in school, she enjoys dancing and is Captain of the M-A dance team.

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