“City Under The Stars” Homecoming dance concludes a successful spirit week

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After a nail-biting win against rivals Sacred Heart on Friday, M-A students celebrated the victory with the homecoming dance at the Fox Theater in Redwood City on Saturday, October 7th.

The doors opened at 8 p.m. with the line curling of students from all grades. Snacks such as cookies and popcorn were provided along with cups of water. Music was played in the auditorium section where crowds of students were dancing and enjoying the songs.

Michael Amoroso, Activities Director and Leadership teacher, was more than elated to see the results of the dance.

“We broke a record. Our record for the last 5 years was 718. We sold 722 tickets,” Amoroso said.

For the students, the most memorable part of homecoming was being with friends and dancing to the music.

The Fox Theatre marquee on homecoming night.

M-A senior Jessica Galen said “[the most fun part] probably when everyone was all together in the middle dancing.”

Jessica Galen and her friends enjoyed hanging out throughout the dance.

Junior Diego Sabio also agreed that the music selection this year was amazing.

“Even though you’re sweating and just dying and getting your feet stepped on, it’s literally so much fun. Oh, and Cardi B. Two words, Cardi, B,” Sabio shared.

Amoroso wanted to thank the students on the homecoming committee who helped plan this whole event.

“It’s the students; it’s all about the students,” he said.

Shawn Le and other seniors celebrate their last homecoming of high school.
Students celebrated the win against Sacred Heart at the dance.
Leadership worked the entire night to provide snacks but got to have some fun in between.

The homecoming dance was the final event of spirit week for the homecoming game. Until next year, students can look back at all the memories made during the week and at the dance.


Isabela Villa is a senior, and she is co-editor in chief for the M-A Chronicle. She enjoys writing about student life in the M-A community, and she hopes to spread insightful information through the website and her peers.

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