Coffeebar hype does not disappoint

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Coffeebar recently opened in Menlo Park and is still in its soft opening stage. Despite limited marketing, simple word-of-mouth made it almost impossible to find seating. The modern exterior seems out of place compared to the other buildings in downtown Menlo Park but has immediately garnered a strong attraction, with people enjoying Sunday brunch or working on laptops while drinking coffee. This new establishment is open every day from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Coffeebar features a modern exterior. Credit: Nathalie Camens / M-A Chronicle.

The menu offered an array of food options, including breakfast burritos and avocado toast, along with an assortment of pastries.

Coffee, of course, was offered, along with tea, kombucha, and unique drinks like the Lavender Latte.

Confections are available for customers. Credit: Nathalie Camens / M-A Chronicle.

What we ordered:

Daily Scone (chocolate chip)
Daily Muffin (banana chocolate)
Lavender Latte

Total: $20.70

The Scone: A delightful chocolate chip scone, not too dry, and complementary to the latte.

The Muffin: Tasted great, a good muffin on its own, but becomes overly sweet when combined with the mocha.

The Latte: Nothing extraordinary, but nonetheless a good latte.

The Lavender Latte: Surprisingly good, a steamed milk drink with hints of honey and a sweet lavender taste.

The Mocha: A good balance between the coffee and the chocolate, not too sweet, very smooth.

Our order at Coffeebar. Credit: Nathalie Camens / M-A Chronicle.

In a sentence: Satisfying coffee and snacks, accessible location, perfect for breakfast before school on late start days, but daily hours could be open later to cater towards students.

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