Custodial Appreciation Night Brings Together The M-A Community

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On February 2nd, the M-A community came together to celebrate the custodians and all of their hard work behind the scenes to keep the campus clean. The event was put together by leadership students senior Rachel Warsaw, sophomore Amala Raj, and sophomore Zahara Agarwal. Raj said, “We wanted to take a special night to honor the custodians, to help them, and to appreciate what they do for us. All of leadership and some other M-A students came and helped us to appreciate the custodians.”

Students help sweep the halls

Custodian Appreciation Night began at 3:30 pm, ending at 6:30 pm. The event began by separating students into groups with around 10 different custodians, students then helped the custodians with their rounds. Students went to each class to sweep and mop the floors, then clean out all the trash cans and replace the trash bags. Once groups finished, students and staff enjoyed a barbecue dinner with the custodians. Sophomore Abigail Rojas said, “seeing all the custodians and having the M-A community together is the most exciting part about tonight.”

A group of students take a trip on one of the custodians’ carts.

The event helps students better understand and appreciate what custodians do for the school. Sophomore Alia Valencia said, “The custodians deserve this because they do a lot for M-A, and they’re not really appreciated as much as they should be.” 

Custodian Juan Flores said, “Keeping M-A clean for everybody and being able to keep everyone healthy is my favorite part about this job.” 

Junior Daniel Weiner said, “Their work is kind of what holds the school together. If we didn’t have custodians, the school would be overrun with trash, and we wouldn’t be in a safe learning environment. It’s important to show them appreciation and that we value their job.”

Barbecue dinner in the PAC.


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