Dear Bearby: Struggling in Math

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Dear Bearby,

I have a teacher who is not very good at explaining things. He teaches an upper-level math course with difficult material. He seems to know this subject well, but he does not explain it well. I am not the only person in class who is having this problem. 

From, Struggling in Math

Dear Struggling in Math, 

Firstly, I’m glad you know you’re not alone—we’ve all been there! It can be so frustrating to feel that your learning is incompatible with the teaching. However, there are a few workarounds that can really help students. At M-A, the library offers peer tutoring many days after school, and teachers often are happy to talk to students during Flex Time or breaks if you need extra explanation. If neither of these resources are working for you, Khan Academy and YouTube are great places to find videos and articles that might aid your understanding. Forming study groups with your friends who also take your course might also be a more exciting way to learn some of the material that you are having trouble with in class. Good luck, and remember that the M-A staff is there to help!

Love, Bearby

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