“Do you have a Bank account”: SUSHD Faced With Phishing Attempt

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M-A students found a peculiar email in their inbox last Tuesday morning. Supposedly sent by the principal of Carlmont High School’s summer school, it advertised a job as a part-time assistant, offering $300 per 10-hour work week. The email instructed students to visit a link to a Google Form. 

It began with a long paragraph riddled with poor grammar. It also included clearly suspicious questions such as “Do you have a Bank account” and “E-Mail (Not School Email)”. The M-A Chronicle filled out the form and is yet to receive a response.

According to Daniel Deasy, the actual Carlmont summer school principal, he never sent the email and no position is open. Deasy said, “I found out about the email Wednesday the 29th when a colleague asked me about an email I hadn’t sent.” 

The email is an example of phishing, which is when a malicious person attempts to gain information by posing as someone else. In this case, they somehow accessed Deasy’s email account and sent the email to students in an attempt to gain sensitive information like bank names and emails. 

Cuauhtemoc Martinez, SUHSD’s Network Specialist, sent out an email on April 3rd reminding students to be cautious about questionable emails. In the email, he included tips such as being cautious, not clicking on suspicious links, and taking advantage of anti-phishing features on web browsers.  

Arden Margulis is a junior and in his second year of journalism at the M-A Chronicle. He is the M-A Chronicle's Webmaster. During his first year, Arden wrote a two-part series on Paper Tutoring, which won First Place News Story from Santa Clara University. Arden was a finalist for Writer of the Year from the National Scholastic Press Association. Arden writes the M-A Chronicle's weekly newsletter Bear Tracks and is currently managing Public Records Act requests to three school districts and two public agencies.

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