Ellie’s Euphoria Epiphanies

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Written by Ellie Hultgren

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Eight days ago, the final episode of the second season of the HBO Max hit show Euphoria aired. Season two was widely successful with over 19 million viewers logging in to stream the newest episodes every week. It has become the second most watched show in HBO Max history, right behind Game of Thrones. And after the most devastating season finale I have ever seen, I couldn’t be more excited for the already confirmed season three. Even though the new season isn’t expected to air until 2024, predictions have been swirling on every social media platform, with some being made by the cast members themselves. While I may not be an expert, I am an avid Euphoria watcher who has been obsessed since the release of season one in 2019. Here are the most popular questions asked and the answers I have formulated based on my rewatches and observations of the show and its typical patterns. 

  • Is Fez alive? 
    • I think Fez is definitely alive. This is because Fez has built an entire storyline this season that we never saw in season one. We saw his loveable and family oriented side while also gaining a large background on his life. He has become a fan favorite for this reason. Not only would Euphoria viewers be highly disappointed, I also wouldn’t be surprised if ratings went down simply because Fez was killed off. For this reason, I believe we will be seeing Fez in season three. 
  • What will happen with Nate and Cassie?
    • Nate and Cassie will most likely be stuck in the same toxic relationship cycle that we have seen throughout season two. We saw it in the first season with Maddy: they would always end up back together even after he treated her horribly. During the finale episode of season two when Maddy said to Cassie “this is just the beginning,” I took it as her warning Cassie of the toxic relationship she had once been through. I won’t be surprised if we see a Maddy and Nate 2.0 with Cassie and Nate’s relationship. 
  • Will Rue and Jules ever get back together?
    • I really hope not, but due to the writer of the show, Sam Levison, and his constant need for the most toxic couples to end up back together, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more Rue and Jules scenes come season three. Hopefully we can avoid another 10 minute long apology song from Elliot this time around.
  • Will Fexi make it?
    • I think I speak for everyone when I say Fexi was the best thing to come out of season two. It was the perfect contrast between two previously overshadowed characters. I think it would be crazy for these two not to end up together. And while Fez may have been through a lot in season two, I am hoping that Lexi will be a large provider of hope for Fex throughout the next season.
  • Is Ashtray alive?
    • Sadly, I am pretty sure we will not be seeing Ashtray in season three. Firstly, because there is no way he survived the bullet to the head he took, and secondly because the actor who plays Ash, Javon Walton, is not listed as a cast member for season three. And while the actor still hopes that he’ll make a return, I just don’t see that happening. The only thing I can tell you 100% is that I will really miss my favorite drug dealing child. 
  • Rue, is she clean?
    • Honestly, I have a strange amount of faith in Rue. I think after everything she has been through these past two seasons, I am hopeful she will be in recovery for each season to follow. And while this will definitely be an uphill battle, she has a great support system and many people who want her to stay clean. 
  • Will Lexi and Cassie mend their relationship?
    • Yes. Knowing Cassie, she is a people pleaser. And knowing Lexi, she is constantly full of guilt. The two of them will definitely reconcile at some point. I can’t see a world where they completely ignore each other forever. I personally think Lexi’s play was hilarious and that Cassie was overreacting, but maybe that’s just me. 
  • Will Cassie and Maddy make up?
    • No. Maddy has lost all trust she once had in Cassie. And can we blame her? I mean, Cassie knew exactly how Nate treated Maddy. She acted as the perfect best friend to her and stood by her completely, but despite Nate’s treatment of Maddy, she still decided to get into a relationship with him. What she feels for Nate isn’t love, it’s her constant need for validation. Maddy knows her worth, and she knows that Cassie doesn’t deserve her forgiveness.
  • What is Laurie going to do?
    • This was probably the biggest unanswered question coming out of season two. And while many fans were disappointed that we gained no closure on this major plot point, I am grateful for this. This gives us something to look forward to for next season. And my prediction is that we are all expecting way too much from her. Even if the suitcase was worth up to $8,000, Rue has a very strong support system and I am hopeful she will be smart enough to protect herself with their help.

In general, we can expect a dramatic and probably emotional season. While the wait for seasons three may be long, I know it will be worth it. And until then we can continue to debate all of our unanswered questions from season two.

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