Encouraging, Innovative, Enjoyable: Get to Know The Hackers Club

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From learning to code or just coming in for extra help on Computer Science assignments, The Hackers Club is a great on-campus opportunity to enrich your computer science skills. 

Sophomore Anika Desai, co-president of the club, explained her inspiration to start the club. “The other presidents have both had past experience with JAVA script and other coding platforms which I think motivated them to join me. I also really started to enjoy comp-sci and coding last year. The other presidents and I realized we could create really fun games with coding which ultimately led us to start the club.” She continued, “We also acknowledged that a lot of people at M-A don’t have the opportunity to learn how to code at home or just don’t have access to coding classes, and so we wanted to provide that opportunity for those students.” 

She added, “We support students with their computer science projects, personal or for class and teach beginners how to code so they can hopefully pursue their own initiatives and discover a passion for computer science.”  

Senior and co-president Annie Pflaum said, “Students should join our club to build confidence in their coding abilities and raise their grades in computer science classes.”

One of the main takeaways from the club Desai and Pflaum hope students gain is collaboration skills. “Overall, computer science relies heavily on collaboration. I believe that you can achieve so much more with the insight of your peers,” explained Pflaum. 

Desai said, “Our club helps students build a passion for computer science, as well as helping those around them and working together.”

You can join The Hackers Club through their remind: (@mahackers) or show up to their meetings in I-4 every other Thursday. 

Micaela is a sophomore at M-A. This is her first year in journalism, and is excited to write about different issues and events at M-A. In her free time, she likes to dance and spend time with friends and family.

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