Feature: Examining the Complexity of Grades

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Grades play a significant, complex role in the lives of students, with their ability to increase pressure, change student-teacher relationships, and bolster motivation.

In the interest of providing in-depth coverage and generating greater discussion, we have tackled several of these nuances in separate, stand-alone stories.

Miranda Simes opens the discussion in the main story “Fairness in Grades: Examining the Complexity of Evaluations.”

Natalie Silverman questions the value of student evaluations in “Should Students Be Able to Grade Teachers?” Her opinion “Seeking a Genuine Definition of Success and Happiness” highlights the relationship between others’ interpretation of success and one’s own.



Hi! I'm Miranda Simes, and I'm a senior at M-A. This will be my third year on staff, and I’m excited to take on the role of editor as well as continue to inform the community.

Though journalism, I am eager to generate discussion with my peers about a diversity of topics. With its ability to question authority and give voice to the silenced, I consider journalism to be a truly powerful medium of expression.

I also enjoy representing M-A on the track and soccer teams, as well as hiking, finding new music, and baking in my spare time.

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