Teacher Playlists Part Four

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Advanced Placement Environmental Science teacher Lance Powell is known for his own musical talents, and has at times even performed for his students. We were curious about what he listens to in his spare time and sat down to talk rock ‘n roll.
Powell shared, “I like basically all music, but what I’m most in to is live music — especially live improvisational music that rocks!”
Grateful Dead:  
This is the band that first got me to California. Like many in the area, I have seen several shows… and sometimes several shows in a row — ten. How can you see the same band ten times in a row? It’s because they embrace improvisational jamming. Every show is different which is such a different approach to basically every other mainstream musical act, where the set lists are exactly the same. Jerry Garcia, the lead guitar player, remains one of my favorite musicians of all time. Side note, Bob Weir, the rythym guitar player, actually went to MA… although he didn’t graduate.
Song picks
“Help on the Way/Slipknot/Franklin’s Tower”  This Grateful Dead classic segue was one of my favorite ways they would start a set.

“Terrapin Station” A truly epic tale… yes, by the Grateful Dead

“Uncle John’s Band” A great Dead tune for people just getting into it.

 These guys embrace the same improvisational jam approach as the Dead, however are a bit more rockin’ with occasional bouts of nasty funk. They are still playing at full force. Go see them when you get a chance. They are over-the-top in-your-face rock and roll. Super talented musicians.
Song picks
“Down with Disease”



The Meters :
This band has been influential for so many bands you most likely already know, even if you have never heard of them (ie- Red Hot Chili Peppers… and certainly the Dead and Phish as well). They are old school New Orleans Funk and they are deep funk. If you aren’t a dancer, go to a Meters show and you will learn how.
Song picks
“Funkify Your Life”

“People Say”

“Just Kissed My Baby”

Bob Dylan:
Arguably the best American song writer. “Tangled Up in Blue” was the song that pushed me over the edge and made me learn how to play the guitar. I wanted to name my first son Dylan, but my wife wouldn’t let me.
Song picks
“Tangled Up in Blue”

“Shelter From The Storm”

“Tombstone Blues”

“Like A Rolling Stone”

Paul Simon:
He’s tied with Bob Dylan for best American song writer.
Song picks

“The Boxer”

“Late in the Evening”

Jimi Hendrix:
Greatest guitar player of all time.
Song picks
“Voodoo Chile”

“Red House”

“Hear My Train A Comin'”

“Little Wing”

The Beatles:
Enough said.
Song picks (all of them!)
“I Am the Walrus”

“A Day in the Life”

“Come Together”


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