Flea Market Shows Off Student Skills

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Last Friday at lunch, students came in droves to see the wares of M-A’s own flea market. Tables garnished with crafts, foods, and clothes spread across the blacktop, manned by students looking to give their possessions a new home.

Sauquet and Cioffi at the BalthyZart stand

Senior Caroline Cioffi and freshman Balthazar Sauqeut sold custom hoodies, caps, socks, and more. Everything for sale was designed by Sauquet himself, who founded his brand, BalthyZart, when he was 13. Sauquet said, “I’ve always had a passion for fashion and design. I wanted to share [my designs] with the world.”

Handmade jewelry from Mexico

Other students used the opportunity to show off the hard work they put into their crafts from crocheted goods to homemade bracelets. Some goods were crafted by students or family members. Others were from thrift stores.

The food tables in the quad were among the most crowded. Eager students surrounded the cookies, cupcakes, and lemonade, the undisputed favorites.

Students buy baked goods

Beyond the saleship opportunities, M-A’s Leadership class provided a host of fun activities on the soccer field. After passing through the entrance, a summer camp station greeted students, where Leadership sophomore Siboney Lynch taught those interested how to make brightly colored friendship bracelets. “I think [Feel Good Friday events] definitely bring people together. I’ve seen a bunch of people just have fun with their friends. It’s a really good way for the students to relax,” said Lynch.

Other stations provided students with seasonally themed foods and activities, but the main attraction was the inflatable obstacle course at the center of the soccer field. Students raced friends and strangers alike, scrambling to be the first to the other side.

Students racing in the bouncy house on the field

Teachers also set up fun activities. In Latin teacher Maria Luisa DeSeta’s classroom, students got creative with paper skeletons. After assembling the figures with brass buttons, students labeled the skeletons’ bones in Latin and put them in comedic poses.

Paper skeleton made by a student

Feel Good Friday gave students a solid opportunity to create, play, and spend time with each other. Junior David Gallagher concisely summarized the day, “It was a great opportunity to bond with friends and learn.”

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