Gatsby Prom a Fantastic Success

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The event coordinator throws glowing wands to the crowd

M-A’s prom was a glamorous, glittering success, held on Friday, April 21 at the regency ballroom in San Francisco.

The theme this year was “The Great Gatsby”, and the venue certainly fit the glitzy yet classic vibe. The regency ballroom is a beautiful building with a large dance floor, mezzanine, and ornate decor; it was impressive. Senior Sara Gerber commented, “The theme is great, I love the venue and it’s been a lot of fun dancing with my friends!”

Junior Ethan Stoneham poses with a “Great Gatsby” poster.

In addition to dancing, students could play blackjack on the mezzanine, in keeping with the Gatsby theme, take photos with friends, or eat the crepes provided for free. There has been some concern about the cost of prom, as discussed in M-A Chronicle article, “So Why is My Prom Ticket so Expensive?” and this year leadership estimates the event cost $40,000. According to junior Brett Kessler, this was “money well spent.

The view of the dance floor from the mezzanine.

The DJ kept the dance floor packed all night, playing what seemed like hit after hit given by the cheers from the crowd. New songs mingled with old favorites ensuring that everyone recognized a song they liked at one point or another. Though it was nearly impossible to talk over the music, it was just as difficult not to dance to the beat. There was some criticism about the lack of diversity in the music, however, over the course of the night the beats changed and the songs got more diverse. Junior Kelsey Gage commented, “the music is great, people are really happy! […] It’s beautiful, even better than last year!”

Leadership teacher Mike Amoroso announced the junior and senior prom royalty towards the end of the evening. The winners for junior class king and queen were Miles Conrad and Josephine Cotto, and the winners for senior class prom king and queen were Casey Morris and Angie Yang.

All in all, the night was a success. Perhaps Ipolito Volavola said it best, “It’s lit!”

Hello, my name is Kate Mulhern. I am a junior at M-A and this is my first year writing for the M-A Chronicle. I am excited to be in journalism this year and look forward to sharing stories with our community. I enjoy theater, and spend all of my free time in productions, either within or outside M-A Drama.

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