Gift Giving 101

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With the holiday season approaching and a well-deserved winter break on its way, it is time to begin compiling your wish list and deciding what to gift your friends and family. From trending clothes to handmade bags, Bears around campus have endless ideas on the art of gift-giving as the holidays roll around.  

What is on your holiday wish list?

AP English Literature teacher Lisa Otsuka explained that her favorite gift is a handmade and obtainable one. She said, “I love a good handwritten card. In my estimation, it trumps any gift.” She continued, “I also enjoy when somebody gives me a book that either they have read or are planning on reading, so I can read it and recommend it to other people.”

Focusing on footwear, senior Derick Kennedy noted the most desired item on his wish list. “I want a new pair of Olukai flip flops, so I can have my dogs out once again since they’ve been caged for too long,” Kennedy remarked. 

Digital Photo and Design teacher Sarah Frivold hopes to brighten her wardrobe with a “bedazzler.” “I have a lot of plain sweatshirts and shoes, and by putting colorful gems and rhinestones on them, they can be jazzed up,” Frivold said. “I want to decorate my wardrobe without breaking the bank.”

What are you gifting to others?

In addition to her own wishes, sophomore Bailey Lanier’s wish list also accounts for gifts she plans to give to her parents and siblings. She said, “I am buying my mom these heatable, fuzzy slippers that are perfect for warming your feet and are also really comfy. I know she likes slippers and heating pads, so this is a perfect combination of both.”

About buying gifts for friends, junior Addy McCombs shared, “I love getting my friends a big, comfy, and cozy blanket because they are so useful and warm in the winter, and not too expensive.”

Along with popular items trending this year, many students have sentimental gifts on their agenda as well. “I’m going to get my friends some framed photos of us to keep in their rooms or just to look at,” said junior Noah DeHaaff. 

Similarly, Otsuka enjoys creating cards for her students. “A tradition I have is to write cards for all my students over the holidays and include all the pictures from the events they’ve been in.” 

When online shopping for friends, Kennedy saw the perfect gift. “Over the years, I’ve collected a bunch of embarrassing pictures of my friends, and I thought it would be a cool idea to make a collage of the pictures and put them on a blanket. It would be funny and commemorate our friend group, too.” Kennedy explained. 

Nicole Ho, supervisor of the testing center, explained how small, inexpensive gifts can be just as meaningful as large or expensive ones. “I know mugs are quite useful for a lot of people. It’s a cute little go-to gift because anybody can use them,” Ho said. 

Freshman Salvador Fernandez looks forward to receiving clothing this coming break. “I think a pair of shoes is a nice gift. There are a lot of different types of shoes you can choose for someone depending on what they like,” Fernandez explained. 

Junior Aaron Lopez is excited to share his creations from school with his family. “I’m in ceramics class, so I think I’m going to make something from clay, like a platter, or mug for my mom,” he said. 

Isabel is a sophomore at M-A beginning her first year of journalism. She is excited to write about exciting events and subjects. Outside of school, some of her hobbies include playing tennis, water polo and swimming for M-A, and reading, drawing, and writing.

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