Girls Tennis Grab Tough Victory Over Burlingame

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On Tuesday, the girls tennis team earned a tough victory against the Burlingame Panthers, winning four out of seven matches. 

Chow prepares to serve in first game

Sophomore Eva Chow was first off the court, winning 6-0 in both sets. “I played really well and won fast. Despite my current leg injury, I was really pumped for the game because their tennis team has really efficient players,” she said.

Doubles player and sophomore Yara Abuelsorour expressed how despite winning the match, Burlingame showed efficiency with their plays that day. Abuelsorur said, “I was watching some of the singles matches and all the girls really pushed through that day. BHS was a tough opponent.”

Tuesday’s game was filled with tie breakers and nail-biting matches with junior Tessa Ellingson losing 6-3, 6-3 during her singles one match. Chow said, “Tessa did a really good job and tried hard that day. Her match was very close, and you could really observe her competitive spirit.”

Bears shake hands after the conclusion of the match

During the last match of the game, M-A players were left on the edge of their seats with a tied score against the Panthers. Senior Jasmine Hou played in the deciding round and won the final round for her team, ultimately securing the win of the game. 

The game with the Panthers was filled with ups and downs, but Abuelsorur reflected on the match, saying, “When losing, being on the court is tricky in terms of having the right mindset. Seeing my teammates’ confidence and attitude during the game really helps me in terms of how I can play.”

The Bears will return to the court this Tuesday at 4 pm to take on the Sequoia Ravens. 

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