How are Freshmen Adjusting to M-A?

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Emma Magdalin

A month has passed since school began, and freshman Bears are adjusting to a new stage of their lives: high school. The transition from middle school is both exciting and nerve-wracking, a path where students can learn important life lessons and develop their passions. M-A is known for interesting electives, a variety of sports, challenging academics, and a welcoming community of students and teachers. I interviewed four freshmen Bears to get insight into their thoughts about M-A so far. 

Marissa Hou

All four students noticed the large and diverse population of students at M-A. Emma Magdalin, a freshman from Peninsula School said, “There are a lot fewer people in middle school, so my favorite thing about M-A is the people I’ve met so far.”

Other students noticed that high school is a big jump in terms of academics and are worried about keeping their grades up. Freshman Marissa Hou, who attended Hillview, commented, “I’m just a bit nervous because now grades count.”

Segen Stoutamire

Freshmen also can look forward to the electives they get to take after freshman year. “I am interested in woodshop and economics,” commented freshman Segen Stoutamire, who attended La Entrada Middle School. Freshman Yahir Maruri, who attended Cesar Chavez, added that his interest in using his creative skills inspired his elective choice. He said, “I like drawing! That’s my elective.” 

Yahir Maruri

M-A has a wide range of sports available to students, such as dance, water polo, and softball. Hou said, “I’m playing tennis right now, and that’s been super fun! I’ve been able to meet a lot of new people through it and it’s definitely helped with my transition to high school. I might join badminton too but I am not 100% sure.”

In general, freshmen Bears seem to be enjoying their first months at M-A. “Everyone at M-A seems really nice and genuine,” said freshman Cleo Berney, who went to Hillview.

Jenna is a sophomore and this is her first year of journalism. She is excited to write about activities and news surrounding M-A and the local community. In her free time, Jenna likes to create art and hang out with friends and family.

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