How Did Students Spend Thanksgiving Break?

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When the leaves start to turn brown and the aroma of pumpkin pie begins to fill the air, you know it’s time for Thanksgiving Break. During a week meant for relaxing and appreciating loved ones, here is how some Bears spent their time off! 

Some students traveled across the country to visit family. Junior Calvin Linnert said, “I went to Wisconsin to stay with extended family on my mom’s side. My mom and I also have a tradition of running a 5k Turkey Trot in a city called Wauwatosa. It was especially fun this year because I won.”

Freshman Jamarlo Jackson said, “I traveled to Atlanta where my family lives. Some of my favorite memories from the week were going Christmas shopping with my parents and going to the movies.”

Some Bears even traveled overseas. Freshman Taylor Bentley said, “I went to Paris, where we went sightseeing, explored museums, and ate some delicious food. Then I flew to the English countryside and had Thanksgiving with my cousins. It was great to reconnect with them and spend quality time with my family in Europe.” 

Freshman Yareli Diaz also left the country and traveled to Mexico. “It was nice to soak up the warm weather,” she said. “We spent a lot of time at the beach, which was probably my favorite part of the trip.”

While exploring new landscapes and reconnecting with extended family is exciting, many Bears also took their time off to relax and unwind after a busy few months of school. Sophomore Tamara Lubinski said, “I decided to stay in the area, and I spent most of my time hanging out with friends. It was a good time to relax and not have to worry about school, even if it was short.” 

Similarly, senior Olivia Marsh said, “It was nice to be able to catch up on sleep and destress from my busy schedule. It also allowed me to spend time with my family and reflect on the things I am grateful for, which is what the holiday is really about.”

Whether it was traveling to spend time with family, vacationing abroad, or enjoying free time at home with loved ones, it seems like many students had an amazing Thanksgiving Break!

Kitty is a junior at M-A and this is her first year of journalism. She hopes to write about events and culture at M-A and the community. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with friends and family, and is on the dance team.

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