How to Be the Best Valentine’s Day Gift-Giver

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Valentine’s Day is considered the holiday of love, christened with pink Hallmark cards, chocolate boxes, and red roses. Contrary to popular belief, this holiday is not just for romantic love – valued friends can also join the festivities. Although this year, you might opt for a gift from the pink-themed supermarket aisle, you may want to give the people you care about something extra special. 

We could not make a gift idea list for Valentine’s Day without including a traditional treat: chocolates! For a classic, try Russell Stover’s Valentine’s Chocolate Heart, or other chocolate heart boxes available. Another choice is Sweethearts Heart Shaped Candy, a.k.a. “Conversation Hearts.” These can be found at your local Walgreens or a similar store for under $5! For a twist on the classic food gifts, these pretty heart-shaped tea bags include the flavors English Breakfast, Organic Earl Grey and Organic White Berry Tea.

Of course, opting for creating a timeless and thoughtful Valentine’s Day card is always a good way to celebrate your love. We also recommend the Letters to My Love Time Capsule. This thoughtful gift allows you to write twelve prompted letters about your Valentine in one book and seal them for future opening. 

Roses are a classic Valentine’s Day gift. To elevate the experience of receiving these beautiful flowers, try “Forever Roses,” roses that last up to one year! These roses have taken over TikTok for their elegant and sophisticated look—what highschooler wouldn’t want a little more of that in their life? The perfect and least expensive option available is the Le Mini Round Forever Rose, from Venus et Fleur.

Another classic choice is a teddy bear. There are both romantic and silly options for cute stuffed animal messages for your friends and loved ones this year. 

Marilyn Monroe once said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” We know diamonds are over budget for most highschoolers, but there are many less expensive options that will put a similar sparkle in your Valentine’s eyes. For jewelry on a budget, check out this heart lock necklace on sale for a limited time at JCPenney. For all the Swifties out there, Taylor’s “Ur My Lover” BFF Necklace is the perfect option, and will hopefully come back in stock soon.

For a special scent that your Valentine can enjoy on-the-go, we recommend the Glossier solid perfume, “You.” Glossier describes the scent as “creamy and warm, with sparkling notes of ambrox, ambrette, musk, iris root and pink pepper.” An interesting feature of this perfume is that it smells different on everyone because it mixes with the pH of your skin to make a special scent just for you, hence Glossier “You.” Another sweet scented option great for a Valentine that needs a relaxing break from stress is the Lush Valentine’s Day collection, which offers love-themed bath bombs and soaps. With this beauty collection, a rose quartz face roller is a great skincare tool that is said to promote blood circulation. 

Finally, for someone interested in footwear, the exclusive Valentine’s Day Converse collection is the perfect gift. There are several options to choose from the collection, including a white pair with heart and lips embroidered in red into the canvas outsoles. For chillier nights, cozy up with pink Ugg slippers, perfect for sitting down with an enticing romance novel to read this February. A more affordable alternative to Uggs are fun-colored fluffy socks, or a pink comfy, a wearable sherpa blanket. To beckon in the spring, Birkenstocks are both fashionable and comfortable for the coming sunshine. 

These gifts are sure to make the person you care about feel loved and appreciated this Valentine’s Day!

Natalie is a senior in her third year of Journalism and an Editor-in-Chief of the M-A Chronicle. She is passionate about issues affecting M-A and hopes her stories reflect underrepresented voices in the community; she also loves writing music and food reviews. Outside of school, she enjoys singing opera, performing in choir, and going on hikes with her dogs.

Sonia Freedman is a senior in her third year of M-A Journalism and is a current Editor-in-Chief. She loves to write about music, culture, and community at M-A. She also began "The Music Moment" column and contributes to our weekly newsletter. In her free time, you can find her editing Spotify playlists, extending her Duolingo streak, or reading a good book. You can also find her work on the blog for!

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