Icons of Atlanta Rap: Young Thug and Future team up on new mixtape “Super Slimey”

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Young Thug and Future are back and better than ever in the surprise release of new collab album “Super Slimey.” The album has 13 tracks and includes one feature from Migos member, Offset.

On this project, Future and Young Thug display some of their best performances, bouncing thick, high-energy flows off one another over heavy trap beats. Young Thug and Future have linked up many times in the past to make hit songs such as “Relationship” and “Who.” The two Atlanta rappers have an undeniable chemistry that is clearly showcased again on this album.

Most of the songs include a classic trap flow but with the unique style that has made Young Thug and Future stars. Young Thug’s high pitched and energetic verses make his tracks memorable, and Thug, in particular, lays the autotune pretty heavily in certain songs. Both rappers seem to be borrowing from one another’s style. Young Thug’s vocal performances are more smooth and fluid than typical, and Future’s hooks and verses are particularly up-tempo.

Their styles line up well together several times, making for some of the best tracks on the album. The first three songs kick off the album strong. The high energy vocals on top of heavy-base beats make these three songs bang. The second track “Three” in particular has the makings to be a hit.

The mood slows down in the next song, “200” as Thug’s flow is more reminiscent of that from his previous album. This more methodical and substantial flow is also true of the 11th track, “Killed Before.” After “200,” Thug’s energy picks back up in “Cruise Ship,” and next, Thug and Future’s styles come together best on the most outstanding track on the album, “Patek Water.” The song has a moody trap vibe with a catchy hook, energized verses, and a very solid feature from Offset.

Other notable songs include “Feed Me Dope” and “4 da Gang” where Future is very much in his own element. “Drip on Me” and “Mink Flow” are also both solid tracks. On the final track “Group Home,” Future uses a deep, gravely voice making for a darker, slower style, but it works well contrasted with Thugs quick and higher pitched verses.

This mixtape embodies’s trap hip hop in its current form. Future and Young Thug are flexing their lavish lives as well as reflecting on some darker areas at other times. The lyrics celebrate the luxurious lifestyle of private jets and designer clothes as well as the grim realities of Atlanta trap houses. It is not groundbreaking or surprising in many ways but is another solid outing for rap superstars Future and Young Thug. The tracklist has its highlights as well as some more repetitive, unoriginal parts. It is a moody, high energy, loud, and fun set of songs. Fans of typical trap music and Young Thug and/or Future’s work will enjoy the new collaborative mixtape, Super Slimey.

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