Is Prom Overrated?

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Ah, prom season. You know it is here when your classmates’ dresses fill your Facebook feed and not-so-subtle discussions regarding “promposals” echo through Pride Hall. Hardly a lunch period goes by without someone asking you about who you plan to bring as your date or what method of transportation, whether it be Uber or a Hummer limo, you want to take to the big night.

In recent years, there has been debate as to whether or not high schools and their respective upperclassmen (and lucky sophomores) take prom too seriously. When polled on whether or not they believe prom is overrated, 65% of M-A students who took the survey believe it is not. So, to the 35% of you who feel like it is not worth going to, here are some reasons why you should attend prom.

1. It’s a great way to spend quality time with friends before graduating

While the juniors out there still have another year to bond with their class, this is the last school event (excluding graduation) that provides all-night entertainment for seniors to come together and enjoy the company of their classmates. Realistically, the chances of all of you being in the same room again after June are close to zero, so just take every moment as a chance to talk to and dance with people who you might not have had a chance to get to know before. There are also few things as entertaining as singing along to your favorite songs with your tight-knit group of friends!

2. It’s fun to get dressed up!

It is no secret that prom dresses and tuxedo rentals can pull quite a bit from your wallet, but there is something to be said about feeling (and looking) your best surrounded by your peers. Those who proudly rock the athleisure or surfer looks to take a turn at dressing up like they are going to the Oscars. There is nothing better than seeing your friends exploding with confidence and enthusiasm.

The whole point of prom is for you to dress up in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Whether it be a full-length ballgown, a simple mini-dress, or a full tux, there are always options. Your outfit doesn’t need to cost hundreds of dollars to make a statement.

3. There’s more to do than just dancing

The Menlo-Atherton Leadership team released a Google form allowing students to request songs, but there are also activities available that don’t involve dancing. In addition to having a DJ, there will be free food and drinks, a professional photo booth, tables with seating to relax, and black jack out on a balcony. You can also go out and grab dinner with friends before, just make sure you book your reservation early!

4. There’s nothing wrong with fully embracing high school events

While in high school it is easy to look at events, such as prom, as superficial or unnecessary there is something to be said for allowing yourself to enjoy this time of your life. Prom is a great reprieve from SAT Prep and exciting, but nerve-racking, college decisions. If you are on the cusp of deciding whether or not to attend prom, you should consider the fact that you will most likely regret not going more than going. Prom is a rite of passage into the next chapter of your life. The memories you make with your high school best friends will stay with you throughout the coming decades. Take pictures with your friends that your adoring parents can show off to their friends after you graduate and that you can show your friends later in life.

My name is Fiona Lokey and this is my first year writing for the Chronicle. I am a senior at M-A, and am looking forwards to spending my last year of high school covering everything from politics to the latest fashion trends. I spend much of my time watching documentaries, going out with my friends, and practicing yoga. I am also passionate about tutoring and helping run Partners In Health, a club here at M-A. I can’t wait to share all of the quirky and interesting stories that make M-A the place it is.

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