Leadership Presents Dazzling Northern Lights Prom

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Last Friday, more than 850 students and guests attended Leadership’s Northern Lights Prom at the California Academy of Sciences. The event included aquarium access, a mac and cheese bar, and a 360º video booth. The venue was expansive, with multiple areas separated by the glass-walled dance floor, bridges over pools of sea life, and a rotund rainforest in the center of the building.

This year’s venue came with unique activities. Before the doors opened, some students enjoyed a ferris wheel, fountains, and the beauty of Golden Gate Park. The fog, forest, and earthquake rooms were unusual and immersed prom-goers into San Francisco hallmarks. The largest attraction, however, was the aquarium, which students were able to explore for part of the night. It featured jellyfish, the Academy’s signature albino alligator, starfish, and more interesting creatures. The underground aquarium was dimly lit, lending the impression of being immersed underwater. Junior Yari Elizondo said, “I thought the theme was Under the Sea due to the blue lighting and all of the fish.” Through the night, people gathered to take photos in front of a floor-to-ceiling fish tank whose light illuminated the entire room.

There was no “main area,” as students enjoyed the array of interesting sights and activities all across the museum. Nonetheless, the dance floor remained lively throughout the night. The DJ was refreshing, playing recent hits like Ice Spice songs alongside longtime favorites, such as “Crazy in Love” and “Mo Bamba,” drawing an enthusiastic crowd.

The imposing columns, immersive venue, and high, arched ceilings of the Academy of Sciences made this year’s prom feel magical. The event fell in the midst of a busy few weeks at M-A and provided a much-needed intermission from the stresses of spring. A dazzling evening at the California Academy of Sciences was an unforgettable celebration of our school and the amazing students that bring it to life.

Amala Raj is a senior at M-A, and it is her second year at the Chronicle. She enjoys using journalism to explore education policy and highlight extraordinary individuals in the community. She is also a part of M-A’s Leadership-ASB, and spends her free time at the beach.

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