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M-A Community Commemorates Life of Arlette Villagomez-Dominguez

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Written by Marlene Arroyo & Brianna Aguayo

Spanish Translation by Brianna Aguayo

Arlette Villagomez-Dominguez passed away on September 4, 2021, in a car accident in Mexico. Arlette became a student at M-A her sophomore year, where she became an active member of the community by joining AVID.

Senior Alex Lujan, who met Arlette her sophomore year in AVID, said, “Not only was she so determined and hopeful, she was also very kind. She always had a smile on her face.”

A memorial was held for Arlette on September 22 to celebrate the joys she brought to the community.

Message written on Keigher’s whiteboard for her students.

Katherine Keigher, who taught Arlette during her junior year AS English II class, said, “She always made a point to be kind. She worked hard. She did her best, and she reminded us that every day gives us an opportunity to do that.”

“She always just seemed like a breath of fresh air. She was confident… she was helpful. She was interactive. And she genuinely just seemed like she was there to get the most out of everything,” Keigher recalled.

M-A students grieving the loss of Arlette can go to B-20 or reach out to one of the school’s Starvista Counselors.

Spanish Translation:

Arlette Villagomez Dominguez falleció el 4 de septiembre de 2021, en un accidente automovilístico. Arlette se unió como estudiante de M-A en su segundo año, donde se volvió una miembra activa de la comunidad por el programa AVID.

Alex Lujan, quien está en su último año de la secundaria, conoció a Arlette su segundo año, dijo: “No solamente era muy dedicada y llena de esperanza, también era muy amigable. Ella siempre tenía una sonrisa en su cara.”

Un servicio  conmemorativo fue hecho para Arlette en el 22 de Septiembre para celebrar las alegrías que trajo a la comunidad.

Un mensaje escrito en el pizarrón del salón de Keigher para sus estudiantes.

Katherine Keigher, quien enseñó a Arlette durante su tercer año de la secundaria en la clase de AS English II, dijo, “Ella siempre hizo un punto para ser amable. Ella trabajaba duro, Ella hizo su mejor, y nos recuerda cada que día es una oportunidad para hacer eso.”

“Ella siempre parecía un soplo de aire fresco. Ella estaba segura de sí misma.. Ella era muy ayudante. Ella era interactiva. Y ella realmente parecía que estaba allí para sacar lo más de todo,” recordaba Keigher.

Estudiantes de M-A quienes pasan por desconsolar la pérdida de Arlette pueden ir a B-20 o comunicarse con una de las consejeras de Starvista de la escuela.




Brianna Aguayo is a senior and an Editor-in-Chief of the M-A Chronicle. She enjoys writing culture and research-heavy stories about social justice issues affecting M-A students. She also translates several articles into Spanish to make them accessible for all. Brianna manages the Chronicle's Instagram, keeping M-A students and community members on the loop for new stories. In her free time, Brianna likes to bake different recipes, read, hike, and spend time with friends and family.

Marlene Arroyo is a senior and is in her third year in journalism. She hopes to continue writing about social issues and culture in relation to M-A. In her free time, Marlene enjoys reading and spending time with friends, family, and cat.

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