M-A Community Officially Celebrates Mr. Longyear’s Life

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Rick Longyear had an amazing tenure as an M-A teacher, coach, and mentor, and the community continues to remember his impact after his tragic death this July. On Saturday, Longyear’s family and friends held a special Celebration of Life at M-A, where family members, friends, students, and athletes alike heard many of his loved ones speak about his accomplishments.

Students crafted luminaria that were placed around the theater with messages to their wonderful teacher. As his family noted in the celebration program, “his legacy is the dozens who loved him, the hundreds who laughed with him, and the thousands who learned from him.”

It’s a true testament to Longyear’s unique ability to touch the lives of others that the enormous M-A theater was filled with people who came to honor him. None of the speeches failed to mention his passion for teaching, love of reading, wealth of knowledge, and gift to the M-A athletic community.

To honor his legacy, the Peninsula Athletic League championship meet male and female swimmers of the meet will henceforth be known as the “Rick Longyear swimmers of the meet.” A plaque will be placed in Spieker pool to commemorate all the things he did for M-A aquatics. These include numerous league titles, new coaching practices, and athletes who continued their careers in college.

If you or someone you know is grieving, StarVista counseling services are available in the office.

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