M-A Partied Like Mardi Gras at Homecoming Dance

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M-A was abuzz the night of Saturday, October 14th, with alarms accompanying the music and dancing. This year’s Homecoming dance remained exciting despite a tough loss to Sacred Heart the night prior.

The theme of “New Orleans with a touch of Mardi Gras” was made unmistakable with shimmering purple and yellow streamers lining the walls of the dance floor in the New Gym. Senior Alexa Pina said, “The decorations stuck out to me, and I thought that the dance was super fun.”

The DJ stand, occupied by a new DJ, lit up the room with bright and colorful lights. The flashing revealed the crowded dance floor in short bursts. Junior Calvin Linnert said, “It was really loud and there was lots of pushing going on. It was also really hot in there.”

Near the gym was M-A’s very own “speakeasy,” where people huddled around tables dealing cards, passing mock chips, and shouting out in despair and glee. “The party seems so lit, I’m really happy to be here,” said senior Ziomara Navarro.

An hour into the event, to the annoyance of attendees, the fire alarms went off, causing an evacuation of the entire gym. Soon after, the alarms stopped without announcement, and the dance continued.

Brian is a senior at M-A with a storied history of journalism. His favorite stories to write are about school, local and state policies, and politics. He enjoys creative writing, and plays chess in his free time.

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