M-A Offers New Courses for the 2022-23 School Year

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Written by Cleo Rehkopf

Next school year, M-A may offer several new science, math, history, and language classes. Some of the classes still need to be approved by the Sequoia Union High School District Board and are dependent on student interest and teacher availability. Here are the four new courses that the school is planning to offer next year:

World Studies and AP World History:

For sophomores, World Studies will replace Modern Euro and AP World History will replace AP European History, shifting sophomore year history courses to cover a more global perspective rather than solely focusing on Western civilization. This year, Ethnic Studies has replaced World Studies as the required freshman year history course.


Next year, seniors who have at least a C in Algebra I, and at least a D in two years of lab science (classes like Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) have the option to take the elective class Astronomy. The course will cover topics like observational astronomy, the solar system, galaxies, the history of astronomy, the evolution of stars, and the beginning and end of the universe.

Conversational Spanish Through Film:

This elective class, which will be offered if there’s enough student interest, is for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who speak Spanish at a Spanish IV level. Taught by Spanish teacher Salvadora Calonje, students will watch films from Spanish-speaking countries that cover the topics of race, culture, gender, and social class. They will also study these topics before watching the films and continue practicing their Spanish writing, speaking, and listening skills.

Data Science:

Seniors who have at least a C in Geometry can take Data Science, which contributes towards math credit. In the class, students will study how to sample data, correlation, data-based arguments, bias and uncertainty, data modeling, and how data is relevant in society. Data Science is more interdisciplinary than Statistics, which mainly focuses on mathematical data modeling.

Cleo is a senior in her third year of journalism. She enjoys writing about issues impacting the M-A community, particularly environmental issues. She is also on the M-A cross-country and track teams.

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