M-A Sends Off Summer at First Dance of the Year

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Photos by Sam Goldman.

On Friday, August 25, M-A Leadership hosted its annual back-to-school dance. Mostly freshmen attended the “Summer Send-Off,” but students of all grades joined in on the fun.

Leadership students at the dance

Leadership set up tables along the Green with a popcorn machine, snacks, and homemade baked goods. They also had a Tiki Bar, serving Shirley Temples and soda with mini-umbrella decorations. Junior Kaitlyn Harding, M-A’s Junior Advisor, said, “We wanted something that was fun and different from the other dances because Neon Night has been overdone as the back-to-school dance theme year after year. I thought that the Tiki Bar would be a fun little surprise.”

Leadership’s Tiki Bar

A DJ played high school dance staples such as “Baby” by Justin Bieber and “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen, along with newer hits like “Paint the Town Red” by Doja Cat. Throughout the night, more and more students joined in on dancing at the front of the Green. Senior Ismael Zarate said, “I’m having a lot of fun with my friends and listening to the music because the DJ is pretty good.” When not dancing, students spent time with their friends under bright string-lights and beach-themed decorations.

Two students dressed up for the dance

Students were forced to decide between attending the dance or watching the M-A football team’s first game of the season at Bellarmine College Preparatory. Harding said, “We chose the date for this dance last year without knowing there would be a conflicting football game. Even though there are a lot of people at the game, there are still a lot of people here, so I’m glad there was a good turnout and great energy!”

Ben Siegel is a junior at M-A and in his second year of journalism. He is passionate about writing about music as well as discussing issues that impact the local community. He is also a Design Lead for the Mark.

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