M-A’s Varsity Girls Soccer Team Suffers 4-0 Loss to Hillsdale In League Opener

Photographed by Katherine Welander

On Tuesday night, the M-A’s Varsity Girls’ Soccer team opened their league season with a tough 4-0 loss to Hillsdale High School, but despite the difficult game, junior Kate Trevor said she remains hopeful that “the team can grow from here.”

Players on watch the game from the bench.

For most of the first half, possession switched back and forth between the two teams, and both had decent opportunities to score. The ball was in M-A’s back half for a good portion of the first half, but they persevered, keeping the ball out of their net for most of the half, and managing to see a few good shots on goal. Unfortunately, they couldn’t capitalize on those opportunities and the game began to tip in the opponent’s favor a few minutes before halftime when Hillsdale scored their first goal, much to the dismay of the home crowd.

Senior Lexi Quinn dribbles the ball just outside the penalty box.

M-A opened the second half with a nearly successful chance off of a corner, and got close to scoring in the scramble for the ball before it was cleared by a Hillsdale defender. On the other end of the field, Hillsdale had two close opportunities to score, the first of which hit the upper left-hand corner of the goal post, and was scooped up by sophomore goalie Gigi Edwards. The second came ten minutes later, and was saved by M-A senior and defender Tyler Moss, who swooped in to keep Hillsdale from a second goal. Another shot a few minutes later was saved yet again by Edwards, yet again preventing Hillsdale from increasing their lead over the Bears. It wasn’t until the last 20 minutes of the game that Hillsdale netted their second, third, and fourth goals, rounding out the score at a tough 4-0 loss for M-A.

Senior Sonia Goyle fights an opponent for the ball.

After the game, Trevor said, “We played a good team, and it was tough. But it’s our first game of the season, and it’s our first game back in a while; some of us haven’t played in a year.” Trevor added that the other team “had a lot of possession, and I think we want to pass better in the mid-field and not dive so much.”

Senior Juliet Dineen said, “We have a lot of new players that have a lot of great potential, and they’re going to be super impactful in the field, and I think we have a lot to work with. So while it’s not the result we wanted, I’m hopeful for the future.”

Katherine Welander is a senior and an Editor-in-Chief of the M-A Chronicle. During her time writing for the Chronicle and designing for The Mark, she has enjoyed writing well-researched stories about things that happen in the M-A community. In her free time, Katherine enjoys running, listening to music, and spending time with their friends. This year, Katherine is looking forward to being back in the classroom and working with other writers face-to-face.

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