Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mothers are one of the most selfless and giving people in the world—which is why they deserve the most thoughtful gifts on Mother’s Day. If you are unsure what to get your mom this year, don’t worry! Below, you’ll find a multitude of refreshing gift ideas perfect for any kind of mom.

For the bookworms

Gifting your mom a book is a classic and wonderful idea as a thought-provoking book can influence one’s perspective and provide new insights. To go along with the book, you can also buy a fancy bookmark, such as a personalizable leather or steel one. On the topic of books, you could also go for an aesthetically pleasing, high-quality journal or notebook—a customizable one would be extra nice.

Personalized Card

For a risk-free gift, keep it nice and classy with a personalized card. Instead of a text, moms would much rather see a handwritten card—but make sure to keep your handwriting legible! Spice the card up with colors and pictures. You could also attach dried flowers or even a bouquet of fresh carnations, which symbolizes motherhood. 

For the outdoorsy mom

For the moms who enjoy working out or being outside, you can never go wrong with getting them some active wear—from socks to leggings. Water bottles, foam rollers, yoga mats, running shoes, and hydration vests are other ideas. My personal favorites are meaningful trucker hats—there are plenty of designs that you can find online that will sure get a kick out of everyone.

Concert tickets

Moms love unleashing their inner singers and will definitely be pleased with a ticket to their favorite artists—from Beyoncé to Lady Gaga. What better teenager-mom bonding time than singing your hearts out together at a concert?

Spa day

Moms work hard and deserve a moment of rest and self-care. Oil diffusers, face masks, eye masks, and skincare products are some gifts that will put them in a better mood. Although technically not self-care, a fun one is a Dammit Doll. We all know that being a mom involves many stressful responsibilities, and a Dammit Doll is a harmless way to destress! 

Non-material gifts

Sometimes the most meaningful gifts are free. For instance, moms would definitely appreciate a breakfast-in-bed, a family outing (whether that be a hike or a trip to the beach), or a movie night. No matter the gift, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to thank our moms for everything they do for us. 

Jolene is a senior at M-A and this is her second year in journalism. She looks forward to writing more opinion pieces about controversial topics this year. In her free time, she enjoys running track and listening to music.

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