“New G-Wing” 360 walkthrough

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With many students and faculty eagerly awaiting the opening of the “New G-Wing,” the M-A Chronicle was granted a sneak peek inside the building. The new space will offer 21 classrooms, eight collaboration spaces, and new food services facility. With recent innovations in education and technology, the building is “designed for a 21st-century teaching philosophy”, according to Ralph Adams a contractor for the project. The photos below are interactive 360˚ on supported browsers and devices.


This area is the covered patio and the grand entrance to the “New G-Wing” which prominently displays school spirit. This is envisioned as a place for students to gather during brunch and lunch.


The “New G-Wing” has two split classrooms such as this one pictured with the movable wall in the open position. These classrooms offer opportunities for larger collaborative sessions as well as standard teaching.


This is one of the standard classrooms, each classroom has multiple whiteboards as well as a SmartBoard. This classroom also features the stylized shutters to reduce glare within the classroom during the afternoons.


There are eight collaboration space/break out rooms in the new building. Each has multiple whiteboards and comfortable furniture. They are designed so that students or teachers have a quiet place to meet and collaborate.


New teacher break and preparation room.


The central courtyard offers great insight into how large the “New G-Wing” is. There are concrete benches for students to sit on as well as banners to display school pride.


These outdoor workspaces located in the central courtyard offer power and seating for students. The vision is for students to have a space to collaborate outdoors while still being able to leverage the use of technology.


The large Bear mural highlights school pride.


The new food services facilities are now the largest on campus.

The student side of food services now has eight lanes, the most of any location on campus.


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