Outstanding Seniors Honored at Senior Awards Night

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This year’s Senior Awards Night, which took place on Wednesday, June 5 in the PAC, was a fitting tribute to the outstanding accomplishments of the graduating class of 2024, as well as some token juniors who received awards for their achievements this year. 

Decked in their finest attire, the seniors radiated pride and joy as they awaited the announcement of various accolades, scholarships, and recognitions. For many, this night was not just about receiving an award; it was a testament to their perseverance, determination, and unwavering commitment to excellence throughout their high school journey.

The ceremony kicked off with Principal Karl Losekoot reflecting on the senior class’ achievements and their invaluable contributions to the school community and environment. As applause echoed through the auditorium, it was evident that these students had left an indelible mark on M-A. 

One by one, students were called to the front of the stage from their seats to receive their awards by Principal Karl Losekoot, College and Carter counselors Joshua Barraza and Mai Lien Nguyen, Latin teacher Maria Luisa De Seta, English teacher Lisa Otsuka, and Assistant Vice Principal Emily Rigotti. From academic excellence to athletic prowess, artistic talent to community service, a diverse range of honors was bestowed upon the deserving recipients. Cheers erupted as each name was called, underscoring the immense support and camaraderie throughout the event.

Eliza Grover, a beloved M-A alumni, volleyball player, and community member, recently died in a fatal accident in the fall. The Eliza Grover Memorial Fund was created to support and fund projects that Grover enjoyed and was involved with. This year, Samantha Lin, Calila Leive Ferrera, and Camila Gallardo Aguirre were granted this scholarship. 

Faith Teo, who received the President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence, shared how she got her award: “I participated heavily in all my classes, showed good leadership, collaboration, and teamwork and I am very grateful to be here right now.”

Janiya Moss, a recipient of the Arete Gold and Wreath Scholarship, the President’s Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence, and the Ubuntu Scholarship shared, “It was amazing to see that a lot of people have done great things and that we have a lot of successful friends.”

Nava is a junior at M-A. This is her first year in journalism. She hopes to write about world wide issues that affect the M-A family. In her free time, she like to read, play volleyball, debate, and play piano.

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